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Disaster Risk Management is everyone’s business . COPA FOUNDATION, with a team of skilled and experienced professionals, provide services you need to reduce disaster risks, protect communities, promote constructions of resilient infrastructures through capacity building etc. , thereby contributing towards mainstreaming of DRR in developmental planning.  We are specialized in conducting.

Disaster Risk Management programs in vulnerable communities. We work closely with the Central and State Governments in the implementation of appropriate schemes in disaster prone areas.

We can provide our support in the following domains –

  • Preparation of Disaster Management Plan for various states and departments
  • Successful implementation of community-based disaster management plans,
  • Awareness generation in disaster prone communities through training and capacity building
  • Contributing to Climate Change and related disaster risk reduction programs
  • Implementing Incident Response System (IRS) in the country at the grass root level
  • Assisting the concerned State Governments in conducting livelihood and rescue operations during

You can write to us at [email protected] or  Fill in this simple form and we shall contact you !